Tuesday, March 08, 2005

People With THE FISH On Their Car - Don't Get Me Started

So I'm driving to work on a major freeway. I'm merging, or should I say, I'm trying to merge. I glance behind me and then to my left. To my left, I notice that the person in the car I'm trying to get past has a wooden cross hanging from their rear view mirror. So, I figure, of course, I'm in - they'll definitely let me in, yes? NO!! DON'T GET ME STARTED!!

That's right - as I tried three times (using my turn signal, thank you) the driver carrying their wooden cross, refused to let me in. And as they finally passed me, I saw that on the back of their car they had THE FISH prominently displayed. That's right folks, the sign of the Jewish fisherman, the WWJD symbol that says, we are Christians and wonderful to all of humankind, would not let me the mother-fucking-in!!! Can you believe it? I know I couldn't.

Okay, so here's what I think. If you display THE FISH you better be able to back it up. These people should go to work hours early as all they should do is "let people in" am I right? I mean here they are preaching from their car with their crosses and fish, they should be so God-Damned pleasant and wonderful. They should let you in with a freakin' smile.

So to all those people with THE FISH on your car or my favorite, on your checks, as if Jesus is waiting to make a deposit to keep you from being overdrawn, you better damn well be able to back it up with how you behave and what you do. Because not only Jesus is watching, I'm watching. You need to let people in on freeways and show that rapture on your face 24/7. So do everything it says in the bible, turn the other cheek, treat others as you would have yourself treated and for God's sake - let me the FUCK IN!! Otherwise, time to get rid of THE FISH and join the rest of us heathens!! See you in hell!!