Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lance, I was wrong - Don't Get Me Started!

Okay, I know when I've been licked. I also know when I've gone too far. As many friends, relatives and people out there in blogland have told me, I'm wrong about Lance Bass. And so I will concede this once, Lance, I was wrong - Don't Get Me Started!

I guess it's really another small step in acceptance that the generation that put N*Sync posters on their walls (and can now vote) may possibly accept gay people more because they loved Lance when he was in the boy band and can't imagine not loving him over a small thing like being gay. My friend/co-worker Kim was shocked to find that Lance Bass was gay and she was less than pleased that I was shocked that she was shocked...all too shocking, all the way around.

And when you stop to think about it, perhaps Lance's female fans will understand a little better what it's like to be a pal to a gay man, I could use the common term, "fag hag" but I'm being apologetic and don't feel that's appropriate - oops, too late. This just might save them the trouble of trying to "save" a gay man by sleeping with him, trying to make him straight. Allowing them a way to avoid the common mistake and heartache of falling for a gay man.

I can't lie, I did have to laugh about Lance's "boyfriend" stating that he just so happens to have a book coming out soon about his life and that although Lance didn't encourage him to write it (they haven't known each other that long and the book was already in the works) Lance was very supportive of him having written it. What does that exactly mean? Two orders of 15 minutes of fame being doled out at the same time? I can see the two of them now on Tyra's couch. (It's a little low brow for Oprah and doesn't have enough to do with saving the world or losing weight to make it on Oprah). Here's a tip for you Lance, don't expect the book to be dedicated to you.

But we should be pleased that supermarkets will allow the cover of People to be in the front of all the magazines with the title "I'm Gay" on the front of it. Not some tabloid telling you that some celebrity is gay that probably isn't (come on the Enquirer has to sell papers too) but an honest to goodness celeb saying he's gay and okay. Wasn't that a book? I'm so gay, it's okay! Well, it should be one.

And when you think about it, what's worse anyway, Lance Bass saying he's gay or a drunken Mel Gibson behind the wheel of a car swerving and swearing against Jewish people? Things may just be worse for Mel than Lance because as we know, us Jews and gays own Hollywood.

So Lance Bass, although you probably don't care and we'll most likely never meet, I say, "I'm sorry. I'm glad you've accepted your membership card and all I can do it hope that you'll put it to good use. And thanks to you Justin and Joey for making statements in support of your pal and Lance, I was wrong - Don't Get Me Started!"


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